Masterbate is a small annual event started in 2016 by two friends, Miranda Lukaniuk  AKA GUMA VILA and cultural Rock-star Amelia Merhar. Their idea was to create a cheeky, counter culture party for Miranda’s Birthday. The event is full of Burlesque, Art, Music, Film, Comedy and most of all, social commentary! Masterbate Festival is a celebration of human sexuality, sensuality, politics and humor. 


Masterbate Festival is a not for profit event. Proceeds of this event go toward supporting artists and different local social organizations each year selected by the birthday girl! 


Masterbate Festival is Located in beautiful down town Port Hope Ontario . Each year, the venue is top secret! The exact location of this event every year will be announced only on purchased tickets, and through a scavenger hunt. A list of participating Down town Port Hope destinations, will guide you to  find out the secret locations. We will NOT announce the location on all our social media outlets. The location will be down town port hope with accessibility and parking.

For more info please email masterbatefestival@gmail.com